Many of us will remember Bindu Cardoza, DTM. Our club’s sponsor and mentor for when the club chartered. We recently received some exciting news from her.

Bindu has gone on to open Jascarm International Ltd. A global company that aims to empower its clients to reach their goals, wherever they may be in the world. The company embodies the values of equality regardless of nationality, gender, ability or age. All the values that we know Bindu holds near and dear.

Also, her daughter, Jasmine, has achieved the highest grade (A+) for her three A-Levels. A-levels are the English equivalent of the matric examinations here in South Africa.

Lastly, Alex, her son, is the Vice President: Education at Cardiff Toastmasters Club. A path he followed without much intervention from Bindu.

Komani Toastmaster Club congratulates Bindu and her children on their continued pursuit of excellence.