Komani Toastmasters Club first met Merryl Jubber, DTM at our charter event last year.

We were honoured to have her with us that night as she shared from her personal experiences as a Toastmaster and inspired us all.

We met her again at the club officer training where she continued to remind us that there is a difference between an A-grade steak and a steak that is grilled so well it would just melt in your mouth. Few people will forget her encouragement to sell the sizzle.

Merryl Jubber, DTM will also be remembered and missed for her bi-monthly director’s note where she encouraged us all to keep pursuing our personal development goals regardless of the challenges life throws at us.

Komani Toastmasters Club sends peace to her family and loved ones. Merryl Jubber, DTM touched all our lives and made a difference. May she rest in peace.