Death be not proud! District Director Merryl Jubber was a dedicated, committed and visionary Toastmasters. MHBSRIP.

The picture above makes me remember when she welcomed me as Division E Director at Cape Town COT in 2019. She thanked me wholeheartedly for supporting the mission of Toastmasters as Division Director.

I vividly remember the race we had in contesting for the Public Relations Manager position when I was still Division H Director. Up to now that was my toughest contest for a position but she handled her victory with so much grace.
We continued working together and she appointed me Area E6 Director when she ascended to Southern African Toastmasters District Director 2020/2021.

Yes, Merryl was tough and to the point but humble at the same time, once she understood your point. That made her human, with a great kind soul. MHBSRIP.

Eric Kailla, DTM

Area E6 Director, 2020/2021

This tribute is republished from District 74’s Bi-Monthly Newsletter Achieving Excellence. Read the original tribute.